Miniature Pigs

Miniature pigs is a term that is used to describe a breed of pigs that are also sometimes called teacup pigs, mini pigs, or micro pigs. They were orginally breed specifically for their small size to be used for scientific research because they were easier to deal with than larger pigs. Pigs are used in science as a source of organs for transplants, as well as studies on toxicology, aging and pharmacology.

In the 1980s, miniature pigs began being kept as pets in the United States. This fad started in Europe, where it still very popular today.

Compared to normal sized pot belly pigs that usually tip the scales at 150 lbs, miniature pot bellied pigs usually weigh between 30 and 65 pounds when fully grown by age two. There are different lines of miniature pigs though, so sizes and color vary. You can usually judge the size of a pig by the size of its parents.

Miniature pigs typically live to be 10-18 years old. Sows (female miniature pigs) can reproduce at as early as 8 months old. Pigs don’t usually stop growing until they get to be about 2-3 years old.

Pigs are very smart and very clever. They also like to eat. The best way to train them is to use food as a motivator. They can be taught to do a lot of different tricks, but unlike dogs, they are not as likely to do tricks just to please you. They usually need a food treat to be bribed. They can be taught any trick a dog can do though, and usually more.

Don’t ever starve your pig! Pigs will not stay tiny like a teacup forever, so don’t expect them to. Pigs need to be fed twice a day, and always have access to water for drinking. Do not buy a miniature pig as a baby and not expect it to get bigger. Plan on keeping your pig healthy so it stays happy for a long time.

You don’t need to worry about it if your pet is indoors, but if it is outdoors, miniature pigs do not like very cold or very hot weather. And, even if it is an indoors pig, it should be allowed outside at least once a day to root and dig around. Having access to a yard, even if it is small, is essential. If all you have in your backyard is concrete, you will need to build a sandbox for your pig and fill it with dirt.